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Wonderful thoughts.

elliot kang

A week ago, there was a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 elementary school-age children were killed.

Through the outpourings of sympathy and prayers that appeared on my Facebook news feed, perhaps the one that stuck out most to me was a short note from my friend Rachel.

He sympathizes.
Isaiah 53:10

I am struck by the wisdom of her comment, because this is not simply a comfort–this is the ultimate comfort to those who are mourning over the loss of their children. God understands. He, too, had a Son who was killed. Except God the Father killed His Son: “[I]t was the will of the Lord to crush him” (Isaiah 53:10a).

God understands your sorrow and grief. He sympathizes. And yet I ask that you not ignore why God crushed His Son. Why would God voluntarily undergo such terrible pain in killing His own Son?

Because He loves…

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Tolle Lege

“We shall, as we ripen in grace, have greater sweetness towards our fellow Christians. Bitter-spirited Christians may know a great deal, but they are immature. Those who are quick to censure may be very acute in judgment, but they are as yet very immature in heart.

He who grows in grace remembers that he is but dust, and he therefore does not expect his fellow Christians to be anything more. He overlooks ten thousand of their faults, because he knows his God overlooks twenty thousand in his own case. He does not expect perfection in the creature, and, therefore, he is not disappointed when he does not find it.

As he has sometimes to say of himself, ‘This is my infirmity,’ so he often says of his Brethren, ‘This is their infirmity.’ And he does not judge them as he once did. I know we who are young beginners in grace think…

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Hay una relación directa entre nuestra disposición a Dios y como respondemos a su voluntad. La declaración de amor sin obediencia es vacía.

– Pablo Washer